PCB template


 When you are about to make a PCB, it's a good idea to use a template, that you can use whenever you wish to make a PCB that contains similar properties.


 Create a PCB template with the following properties:
  • 2-layers rectange PCB 75x50mm
  • Copper thickness: 35µm. Dielectric material (FR-4): 1,53mm
  • Metric system
  • Size: A4
  • Grid spacing: 0,5mm
  • Minimum trace width: 0,2mm
  • Min. spacing trace to trace: 0,2mm
  • Min. spacing trace to pad: 0,2mm
  • Min. spacing pad to pad: 0,2mm
  • Choose a via with 0,8 circular drill, 2mm circular pad
  • Min. distance from trace to edge: 1mm
  • Min. distance from component to edge: 1mm


NB! Currently we are experiencing bugs in this wizard, that makes the PCB template. Download this pre-made template to use it in your projects:


 Save the template in a path you'll remember!



Tutorial video


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